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Introduction to Speech Composition 
Instructor of Record
Fall 2021, 2019-2020

Sarah tried to relate a lot of what we were learning to our own lives. She made activities fun by choosing things that were relevant in our lives. 

She did a good job of mixing up the things we did. We did a variety of things like speaking activities, creative writing, listening to speeches, and lecturing.

I enjoyed her engagement and her interest in the students and our learning.

I liked how passionate of a teacher she is. When she reviews our draft papers there are not a few messy edits but a whole paragraph of reflections as well as comments throughout the paper.

I enjoyed her hands on-esque teaching style that allowed the class to be interactive and her attitude made the class very relatable.

Very good at breaking down certain subjects into pieces that are easier to comprehend.

I think Sarah did a great job being a TA this semester for CA100. She provided good feedback and answered questions to the best of her ability. While giving speeches, she was very supportive and helped calm some of my nerves while at the podium.

I would give Sarah a 10/10 because she was very personable, but also gave great feedback and graded fairly.

Sarah is an amazing teacher. I enjoyed how she ran our classroom.

She was very involved and made the class conversational.

​I think that Sarah was a good instructor for this class, and I would definitely choose another Communication Arts class if she was teaching it.

Sarah was an incredible instructor! She was extremely accommodating and always available to meet. I am going to miss her positive energy.

She made the class fun and made everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. 

She was very understanding and gave us positive feedback on our speeches after we presented. She gave very good notes on our drafts to help us improve for our final manuscripts. 10/10 I loved her teaching the class.

This class taught me skills I will carry with me throughout my entire life. 

I came into this course hesitant because I am not a fan of public speaking, but I ended up really enjoying the class.

I really had a great time with this course, the teacher was awesome, and I can't wait to do more Communication Arts classes.

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