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Critical Internet Studies 
Teaching Assistant 

Student Evaluations 

Sarah Edwards was a rockstar of a discussion leader. I thought Sarah displayed elite ability navigating awkward silences and getting the group to continue participating in discussions, even when the understanding of readings was limited. Sarah was able to help us understand the main ideas as we worked through them together. 

Sarah was really helpful in evaluating assignments while giving productive feedback that helped my analysis of course content. She always came to discussion section prepared and was engaging in connecting questions together. I liked the Google Doc style of the sections as I could track what was happening each week. 

Sarah's willingness to engage with her students was really reassuring. Her feedback helped me improve as a student - you can tell she really cares about everyone's academic progress.

​Sarah has been my favorite TA I have had during undergrad. I cannot say enough good things about her - gave incredible feedback, had structured discussions, and always taught with energy and passion.

I liked how Sarah connected with individual students. My relationship with Sarah was much different from others and I admire that. Everyone learns in a different way and it was unique to see her modify her teaching to best suit every student.

10/10. It is clear that Sarah is very well-versed in teaching this course. She always comes prepared and even goes above and beyond by teaching guest lectures to the full group outside of discussion section. In discussion, she does a great job at incorporating videos, articles, groupwork, and full group discussion. She responds to my emails in a timely manner. I also appreciated her flexibility in assignment extensions when I was very ill. All of these examples display Sarah's diligence. Overall, Sarah is a fair grader and truly seems to care about her students.

I liked that she used a lot of outside examples and when someone would answer a question in discussion, she would build off of it super well, sort of explaining it even more.

I love Sarah! This is my second time with her as a TA and I really believe she makes learning more fun. Her style of teaching allows for actual comprehension of the taught topics with what is actually going on in our lives day by day.

Sarah was just very real with us and connected to us as students and it was obvious that teaching is something she really loves. She didn't try to separate herself from her students as superior, and it made discussion flow a lot better because there was no fear of "being wrong" in class.

Very effective, inclusive, and responsive!

Very knowledgeable in the areas of the internet with excellent feedback on papers and projects.

This course blew my expectations out of the water. Sarah and Professor Morris are a fantastic team. ​

Sarah is a great TA, and her engaging teaching style helped to make the course interesting!

Sarah is a very knowledgeable instructor with a lot of passion for the subject at hand. 


Faculty Evaluation - Dr. Jeremy Morris 

Sarah was a wonderful collaborator this semester. She came to our meetings more prepared than I usually experience, and she had lots of great ideas and thoughts as we worked through each week's content. Given that I only have one TA for the course, I rely heavily on them to help think through various elements of the course, and I truly appreciated getting to do this with Sarah. It was a fun and successful iteration of the course!

Sarah is a wonderfully clear and engaged teacher. She is organized and lays out section expectations in a collaborative agenda that students follow along and contribute to. Sarah builds a strong environment where many students feel comfortable chiming in. 

Sarah gives excellent and useful feedback to students and really takes the time to make sure students know where they stand in the course, and what they can do to improve. She's great at identifying issues with students' writing, and she's thoughtful and careful about how she communicates this to students. 

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